Busted! Don’t Believe This Duct Cleaning Myth!

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Ductwork systems are responsible for transferring warm and cold air to various areas in your homes. Over time, these air ducts gather dust and debris, and if not cleaned, it builds up and soon pollutes the quality of air in your home. If not cleaned at least once a year, it will make your HVAC unit less efficient and can severely affect your family’s health.

Even with the risks involved, many families are unwilling to hire air duct cleaning services and opt to do it themselves or not at all. Unlike DIY methods, professional HVAC technicians have the resources and tools to safely and efficiently disinfect your air ducts. Unfortunately, with the myths and misconceptions surrounding the field, homeowners are convinced that the services will have an adverse outcome.

At Indoor Air Clean Services, we have been assisting people with their duct cleaning for many years, and we have noticed in most cases, malfunctions usually took place when clients neglected their ducts which cause more problems. To ensure your HVAC system runs smoothly throughout the year, we have dispelled one of the biggest duct cleaning myths that plague the industry!

Air ducts don’t need routine cleaning.

Air ducts affect not only the performance of your heating but also the quality of air inside your home or office. However, many people today brush off cleaning their air ducts as they are unaware of the benefits. The primary reason to remove contaminants from your air duct system is to increase indoor air quality and maintain an overall healthy environment.

If you are looking for qualified duct cleaning and HVAC technicians in GTA, get in touch with Indoor Air Clean Services. We have been providing quality workmanship and superior clean air service for over twenty years so we can make sure your HVAC needs are well looked after. Besides, we offer a free inspection and thoroughly explain our cleaning procedures and methods to improve your air quality.

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